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The tableware collection of stained porcelain created by Basma shows a meticulous work on the line and the texture and invests her tableware with 

an invitation to touch and to revisit daily gestures and rituals. 

The collection of tableware, designed by Basma, reflects evidence of her attraction to minimalism whereby the line and silhouettes are the foremost elements. By meticulously crafting the shape and texture, each piece, inspired by organic forms, carries a daily invitation to the hand. Each piece stands alone, but resides perfectly well with others, whether it is by colour contrast, by complementing forms, or by function. The subdued tones and the colors accentuate the lines and affirm the presence of clay.

In the last years, Basma has created limited editions of some of her pieces, versions that reflect the splendour of porcelain and that pushes the limits of this whimsical clay one step further or that offers sceneries through the mix of different tones. She will continue to develop tableware products, such as new serving dishes and yearly limited special editions of existing work. 



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