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Always aiming to translate rhythm and movement through lines and textures, these murals mix porcelain with other materials.  

In an attempt to explore different languages that convey experiences and the spaces in which they take shape, these murals offer a possible relationship between the content of written texts and porcelain forms that could translate meaning and intention. Often inspired from existing ancient and modern writings, murals have different formats.  

These wall pieces carry a language physically calling out the viewer and inviting for interaction.  This visual language is marked by two rythms: the linear rythm of writing, punctuated by spaces, and the rythm of the curves and shapes of each element.   The intention of the writing gesture and its relevance as a sign are delivered by the combination of both rythms and their link to the support, wood or metal.  

Each piece is highly personal and consists of signature elements such as lines, curves, organic shapes and textures all which translate into impressions.



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